Land management and agricultural hydro-amelioration - Preparation and design

The preparation and the design include:

  • collection of all types of spatial data in high resolution (creation of a digital terrain model, creation of a terrain drop map, area calculation, volume calculation);
  • analysis of geodetic, hydrological, meteorological and pedological bases;
  • GIS mapping and data processing;
  • soil fertility control;
  • analysis of physical characteristics of soil (mechanical composition, water capacity, soil density, infiltration);
  • technical and crop amelioration, recommendations for land management (tabulation, leveling, consolidation, ameliorative fertilization);
  • determining water and irrigation needs;
  • analysis of irrigation water quality;
  • design of irrigation systems for agricultural areas (preliminary design, main and detailed design);
  • design of irrigation systems for backyards and gardens (preliminary design, main and detailed design);
  • full or partial automation of irrigation systems;
  • design of artificial lakes or irrigation pools.

Preliminary design of irrigation includes:

  • analysis of agro-ecological conditions of production (climate, soil, topography, hydrology, hydrography, pedology, geology);
  • calculation of plant needs for water and irrigation needs in planned production and recommendations for land management to be irrigated
  • selection of irrigation systems - conceptual, technical solutions;
  • assessment of operating and maintenance costs - economic feasibility of the project

The main and detailed design include:

  • all technical and economic indicators;
  • project bases (pedological base, water balance for irrigation, infrastructural restrictions);
  • technical solution (hydraulic, static and other calculations, defining work and distribution to users, irrigation system on the plot - detailed network, energy sources, other infrastructure • technical solution (hydraulic, static and other calculations, defining work and distribution to users , plot irrigation system - detailed network, energy sources, and other infrastructures;
  • maintenance and management of irrigation systems (technical cooperation, agronomic recommendations, education of workers);
  • descriptions, costs and drafts (cost estimates of works by types, drafts and details of technological solutions;
  • selection and specification of irrigation equipment.

Land management and agricultural hydro-amelioration - monitoring and consulting

Monitoring and consulting include:

  • maintenance and management of the irrigation system (technical cooperation and education of workers);
  • creating an irrigation calendar with defined terms and quantities (meals) of irrigation;
  • establishment of soil moisture monitoring using sensors;
  • monitoring soil fertility and creating recommendations for fertilization;
  • creation of maps and accompanying reports on the state of health of crops and plantations (NDVI index);
  • determining the number of plants and the density of the assembly.

AgroMonitor - online development platform for the creation and implementation of innovative solutions within agroecosystems

AgroMonitor offers software tools necessary for analyzing climate, pedological, spatial and organizational data, as well as tools for self-gathering, storing and presenting data through interactive maps, tables and charts that are easy to interpret and further analyze.

We provide farmers with quick and easy access to information on specific agro-ecological and production conditions of their farms.

More information about AgroMonitor can be found on

100% vegan friendly - a method of analyzing products for ingredients of animal origin

Many food products that are currently present on the Bosnian-Herzegovinian market have components of animal origin in their composition. Although it seems that these are products that are completely acceptable for the vegan diet, the truth is completely different. Products such as jams, cereal flakes, natural juice, tomato sauce, pasta, as well as other similar products, may contain ingredients of animal origin.

The safest way to prove the presence of animal components in food products is at the molecular level. diVision Agro d.o.o. offers molecular genetic analysis services for the presence of ingredients of animal origin in food products. The mentioned analyzes examine the presence of DNA molecules in ruminants, birds and pigs.

The label "100% vegan friendly product" will mark food products that have been proven not to contain ingredients of animal origin, that is, the said label is a guarantee to consumers to buy and consume products acceptable to vegans.