100% vegan friendly - a method of analyzing products for ingredients of animal origin

Many food products that are currently present on the Bosnian-Herzegovinian market have components of animal origin in their composition. Although it seems that these are products that are completely acceptable for the vegan diet, the truth is completely different. Products such as jams, cereal flakes, natural juice, tomato sauce, pasta, as well as other similar products, may contain ingredients of animal origin.

The safest way to prove the presence of animal components in food products is at the molecular level. diVision Agro d.o.o. offers molecular genetic analysis services for the presence of ingredients of animal origin in food products. The mentioned analyzes examine the presence of DNA molecules in ruminants, birds and pigs.

The label "100% vegan friendly product" will mark food products that have been proven not to contain ingredients of animal origin, that is, the said label is a guarantee to consumers to buy and consume products acceptable to vegans.